Saturday, November 14, 2009

Junk Mileage

Quote of the day, "Maybe you should have been doing more yoga." (commentary on Leah's need for constant motion)

Apparently it's not uncommon for a small child to prefer constant motion. I might have influenced this characteristic by moving too much while Leah was in the womb but I'll never know that for sure. For now, I just know she hates to sit still.


The weather in Austin has been mainly sunny and 70's for the past 2 weeks, what have Michelle and Leah been doing in their spare time?

A) surfing the web and writing blog entries
B) catching up on some television watching
C) shopping
D) walking over 1 hour per day
E) cleaning the house

Answer: D - if you didn't know the answer you probably stumbled upon this blog in a random search.

Given the choice to catch up on much needed sleep or tire myself out with more activity, I pick the later almost all the time. I'm hoping all this walking (i.e. junk mileage) will transform into increased run fitness. After all the time off my body has not been setting any records in my workouts.

This is not the case with some of my friends, they have been setting records and accomplishing a lot over the past few weeks. There was an age group course record at IM FL, some other great race performances in FL, an engagement, and a doctoral candidacy to name a few. I am quite impressed with all of my friends, they are some amazing people.


Today I had an experience I was wondering about, someone in utter shock when they spotted me with a baby. As I was walking around the farmer's market I saw a girl who I hadn't seen this summer.

She looked at us with a mixture of disbelief and confusion, "You have a baby? Is that yours? I didn't know you were pregnant. Did you ever look pregnant?" --> Priceless


Steph said...

A blog entry without a new photo of Miss Leah. Please tell her that she's disappointing her fans :). Seriously though, glad you guys are staying busy. Hope to see here in person again sometime soon!

Mich said...

sorry, I'll try not to let that happen again