Monday, September 21, 2009

Who's the Boss

Leah's testing this morning showed a 1 oz weight gain over the past day and a decrease in the jaundice levels. She'd been feeding well but her crazy number of diaper messes had been all but eliminated. I was a bit concerned about the lack of bowel movements but since she'd had 17 dirty diapers in the past few days I figured it wasn't a big deal.

Our pediatrician cleared our glowworm to leave the hospital today. He wanted Leah to stay under the light until noon but said we were free to go home after that.

We spent the morning packing up all of our belongings and getting a bit more rest before getting discharged from the hospital. Everything was ready to go by about 11:45 but we decided we'd just stick around until 12:00 until turning the machine off.

As the clock struck 12 noon we flipped the switch and Michael got her into her onsie to return home. Just as her right foot was placed in her outfit we heard an explosion. We'd been waiting for 24 hrs for the first green runny poop and Leah had nicely saved it just for the moment we wanted to leave. It was a bit humorous and and also quite impressive when we saw the amount of mess she had been saving up.

Michael changed her diaper and we put her into the car seat, while in the room, to be sure the straps were adjusted correctly. They were a bit too loose, no surprise, and we made the adjustments to get it ready for her first car ride. While this was going on Leah began to show signs of hunger and I decided it would be smarter to just feed her in the hospital.

After spending a few minutes feeding her we got cleaned up and Michael went down to get the car. While he was out Leah started showing signs of hunger again. So I faced the fun task of unpacking all the feeding items and maneuvering us around the room alone. Michael walked in a few minutes later, "No way!"

"Yup, she's telling us who's in charge."

Cleaned up again, it was now 1 pm. We laughed at our nieve belief that we would just walk out at noon since that was what we'd intended to do.

All of a sudden we heard it... another explosion. Our daughter, who hadn't had a bowel movement all day yesterday, had just had 2 in one hour. Sweet!


Adventure seeker said...

Love it. Hope you guys had a safe trip home and that Leah's being a good boss :)