Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Leah got mail

We walked Leah over to meet the neighbors last night. "She looks quite regal," was his comment. At the time, Leah was sitting in Michael's arms with her hand on her chin.

On Friday we made a family trip to Dave's house for Leah's first photo shoot ( She does not seem to be a fan of the flash so she might not be headed for a modeling career. As I just looked at this family shot I could not help but think, she looks regal.

Friday was a big day for Leah. Aside from her photo shoot she also became official, her social security card arrived in the mail. It was a little strange to see her name on the envelope. A mere few days after she was born, she already had a government issued identity.

Of course, the social security card is nothing compared to the GPS tracking device Michael is planning to insert before she starts dating.


plain-jane said...

Did you already reserve her gmail, facebook and twitter accounts? For some reason, a lot of my friends did the gmail one.

Mich said...

I better get on that... I just googled Leah Garel and found out there's another one in the UK, looks to be 4 yrs old. Thankfully she doesn't have a gmail account ;)