Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Eater Award

Leah's first pediatrician visit was Tuesday morning. Before going to Dr Louis's office we got to visit CPL to get a bit of blood drawn. She seemed to do pretty well having her heal poked yet again. Luckily the veins in her heal don't seem to roll like the huge ones in her mothers arms. Both forearms are still bruised from the 5 times I was poked for an IV last Thursday. The trails of veins in my arms could be used for a picture in an anatomy textbook but that doesn't mean they like to stay in place when being poked at.

Back to Leah's appointment...

We were happy to hear she weighed in at 6 lbs 2 oz. The doctor was sure to tell us there are often differences in his scale versus the hospital scale but in general this is a good sign. She's been an overachiever in the dirty diaper department (we know because we have a spreadsheet to record all of it) and has also been doing well eating.

Yes, my daughter is a good eater, we're giving her this weeks Good Eater Award. Unfortunately this has lead to some interesting side effects, mainly effecting yours truly.

The amount of milk the mom initially produces is partially a result of the amount of colostrum the baby takes in during it's first few days. Leah, being the good eater, got me all set up to produce enough food for a small army of babies. I now have a pleasure of two leaky faucets attached to the front of me. Or maybe we should call them leaking balloons, a faucet is much smaller than a water balloon filled to capacity, about to pop due to pressure.

Last night I had to make a trip trip to Target to purchase some new supportive undergarments. There were two in the maternity section for little people with big balloons. Michael tries to keep the spirit upbeat about this, "Some people pay big money for that." Somehow I doubt the leaking is part of their surgical reshaping. Of course, it would be much worse if someone who'd had plastic surgery started to leak for no reason. At least there's a usefulness in all this mess.

BTW, Michael is holding Leah in the picture above because she was already hungry when the doctor came in too see her. We knew she would not be too happy if mom held her and refused to feed her. It's a bit hard for a newborn to understand why it's not convenient to feed at certain times or places. Of course, I'm nobody to talk, I always carry a snack with me and have no problems sneaking them into my mouth whenever I want.


Maggie said...

I'm enjoying the pics and the updates. this one made me chuckle.
I hope I get to see Leah soon.