Monday, September 14, 2009

Euro Pregnancy

For those of you wondering... still no Baby G. My efforts to convince her to come out yesterday were useless. I hear it might take some jalapeno eating too con her into coming out to play.

Yesterday afternoon there were two European couples at a gathering we were at. They've each had children in the past couple of years and one of them is pregnant right now. At one point the conversation turned to the topic of drinking alcohol while pregnant. One of the husbands commenting, "It's fine to drink while pregnant as long at you don't get stinking drunk."

They were pretty surprised by the warning labels on the beer that said not to drink while pregnant. They were even more surprised when I told them of all the signs posted in restaurants which warn people about the dangers of drinking while pregnant. Apparently if you are having a Euro pregnancy a few drinks a week is perfectly fine.

It's interesting to think about all the cultural differences out there. Aside from this whole drinking concept there are differences in views of what pregnant ladies can / should be doing. For example, do you think there are a lot of women in third world nations who get put on bed rest for the last month of pregnancy? How many of them are tested for gestational diabetes or get concerned about gaining too much weight? How many countries have a 12 week maternity leave?

Sometimes it's worth while to take a step back and think about how different we all our. What would things be like if you were born into a family on the other side of the world or even one on the other side of town?