Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello World

There comes a time in every person's life when you have to face reality...

It's time for me to move to this century and upgrade to a cell phone with picture taking capabilities. My handed down Nokia has treated me well although I have been known to beat up on it in return (it gets dropped and sweat on a lot).

The phone has finally rebelled. Over the past month it has lost communication with the SIM card almost daily. Like any good child of the 80's I responded with the classic Nintendo fix; I pulled out the battery pack and blew on the contacts. Works every time.

Although this solution kept the phone going the upcoming arrival of Leah made me second guess my insistence for keeping the old phone. After all, taking pictures of my baby, using my phone, seemed like a good idea. I'd intended to set up a knew phone last Thursday but The Boss had other plans for that day.

Michael pulled out his old Iphone this morning and got everything in order for me. I decided to test out the camera option, I wanted a new photo for my wall paper. I walked over to Leah and told her to look over for her picture. To my amazement she stuck her hand up in the air, looking as if she was waving at me.

So here it is, the one picture I have taken with my phone. My overachiever 10 day old is waving at me.

Okay... maybe she isn't as cognitively advanced as I'd like to believe but it was pretty impressive that she happened to wave at the moment I was taking the picture.