Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dad's little girl

Those of you who know Michael's personality well might not be surprised to hear Leah is mimicking Michael in the photo above. Seriously, he makes that comical face whenever he sees a baby but his little girl is the first baby I've ever seen making the face back at him. Guess we know she is his little girl.

Leah was a bit cranky last night. We're not sure if it was rebellion against the camera flash or a result of mom's milk being spiked with dark chocolate. I didn't eat any chocolate tonight, I'm almost hoping she'll be fussy so I don't feel any urge to give up my favorite stuff. Of course, one data point can not be considered a trend so I'll surely have some other nights of chocolate gorging to be have confidence in my analysis.

There's also a possibility that some congestion is causing her troubles. Personally, I'm really hoping this congestion doesn't stick around. It's bothersome to Leah but it also causes me some challenges at night. Leah's bassinet is on the left side of our bed and Michael sleeps on the right side. Last night I had their heavy breathing in stereo, it was not fun. The loud breathing is one of Michael's characteristics I wish Leah didn't copy.


Mich said...

Maybe I should not have said I wished she'd be fussy last night. Apparently Leah interpreted this as an excuse to stay up ALL NIGHT. At about 3:30 Michael commented, "There is one good thing about this, you can eat chocolate."