Monday, April 13, 2009

Can we patch this?

I've been saving a few things for pregnancy. Included in this collection was my old full sleeve wetsuit. Since I'd recently determined the XS was too small it was time to move up to the small.

I joined a few friends to swim at the quarry and started to pull on my old wetsuit. As I was pulling it on I realized there was plenty of room for my belly, "This wetsuit is much better... oh no."

Just as I was in the midst of complimenting my old wetsuit for filling it's job description as pregnancy wetsuit it ripped. Trouble is, this was no small rip which you get when your nails puncture the neoprene, this was a full on, foot long rip under my right arm.

Good grief! Unfortunately, none of the five engineers had a roll of duct tape with them and MacGyver didn't appear to offer up solutions.

The water is still in the mid-sixties so there was no way my wimpy body was going to swim sans wetsuit. So I hopped in the water, laughing about how large this rip would probably become in 30 min. I was not disappointed, the rip grew until hitting the seams. I had created a new drag suit. With each stroke I could hear a "gulp" as the wetsuit swallowed in a huge load of water and it swung around my back.

The first 15 min seemed okay, the temperature wasn't too bad and baby G was still swimming ahead of dad. The second 15 min was a bit more challenging and by the end I was shivering. So that was the end of that wetsuit... unless I find the miracle patch.


Rich Y. said...

I thought wetsuits were supposed to rip open at the abdomen when pregnant. then again, i'm a guy and i don't know much.