Saturday, April 25, 2009

I forgot

On Thurs I was talking with one of my friends who had her baby about 9 months ago. I was telling her about my emotional woes and asked her if she'd had the same trouble. She said that she'd found it took longer to get over things but also noted her forgetfulness during pregnancy. She said she practically had to start writing lists of things she needed to tell people. I took note of this for future reference.

This morning I procrastinated my workout with some house cleaning, an online chat to a friend from college who's 20 weeks pregnant, and a call to my brother. Then I hoped on the trainer and followed it up by a transition run through the neighborhood.

After cooking myself some eggs and oatmeal for dinner I made my way over to Target to pick up some Rubbermaid containers. I decided this would help me organize some of the 'stuff' in the office. I wondered around target a bit, found the containers I wanted, and also grabbed a 4 ft long pillow. My brother had warned Michael that I would be searching for every pillow in the house eventually. I don't know if he'll appreciate the large additional pillow but it's probably better than loosing his.

I also made a quick peek into the baby area, searching for airplane items. I was quite excited to discover an airplane onesy, airplane blankets, and an entire crib set of airplane linens. It's quite likely that Baby G will be sleeping on blue airplane sheets no matter what (we don't know the gender yet).

I then made my way to register, got my items rung up, reached into my bag, and realized something... I had forgotten my wallet. There have been many times when I have knowingly left the house without my wallet but this was the first time in my life when I've gone to the store to buy something without my wallet.

But, I must admit, I'm much happier to forget a few things if it means I won't get as emotional. Writing a list is much easier than apologizing for saying something stupid or breaking out into tears for no reason at all.