Friday, April 24, 2009

The Gym

On Mondays and Fridays I've become a bit of a gym rat. This year I got a membership at Pure Austin and I've been making good use of it. I usually go twice a day on the weekday bookends, once to lift and once to swim (or maybe spin or run).

My routine seems to be working pretty well and during the past few Fridays I've met a friend who has years of experience lifting. This is invaluable to me because she takes time to teach me about the equpment and good form and also has a general understanding of what we need to do to get in a good workout.

As we watch my stomach grow I wonder if we'll be able to see my muscle definition improve. We've joked a bit that I am going to turn into the buffest pregnant lady in town. Of course, I'm sure there's some lady over at Hyde Park Gym who would be laughing at this but for now I'll keep that dream alive. After all we all have to have goals.

I actually have two superficial goals that I joke about for my pregnancy.

First, I'm hoping my ankles don't get too swollen, I don't want cankles. Good thing about this, my stomach will eventually hinder my ability to clearly see my ankles so I might never know if I get them.

Second, I'd like to stay below my Freshman year weight until I'm full term. I've weighed the same amount since the beginning of high school, excluding my freshman year of college. I gained over 20 lbs that year because I was forced onto a meal plan that only allowed me to eat cafeteria food 3x per day. It was horrible yet Michael started dating me freshman year so at least I know he won't leave me when I'm 9 months pregnant. ;)

I also have two other goals for pregnancy.

First, get the office cleaned out before Baby-G arrives. This doesn't seem like a hard goal but I've done such an amazing job procrastinating lately that I don't know if it'll be done in time.

Second, learn to curb the emotions that seem to be taking over. I've cryed almost every day this week. I actually set today's goal as getting through the day without crying. 8pm - I'm still okay but I'm not in the clear yet. These super powered emotions have also resulted in some troubles with a good friend, definitely not excited about all the trouble this has caused. Learning to shake things off a bit and listen to Michael's daily advice, "Don't worry about it," would probably help a lot.


meredith said...

I have thick skin, if you need to yell...give me a call. I am getting it from my sister, so what's one more person :) I like your goals.