Monday, April 20, 2009

Pack Rats

Michael and I are what you might call pack rats. I could try to justify it by saying we hold onto things that we might need at a later date or just happen to be sentimental but in reality we're pack rats. I have such a tough time throwing things away that I often try to make myself the goal of filling up the garbage can during the week. I don't think we've ever achieved that goal unless we have house guests to help create trash.

This weekend we made another effort to clean out the office. The office will become Baby G's room so we have a deadline to get the room cleaned out. Michael spent a couple hours tossing junk and making piles for donating and yet the room still looks like it was hit by a tornado.

We got a good laugh at ourselves from some of the items we've been holding onto. We have a shoe box filled with all the reply cards and gift cards from our wedding (we thumbed through them again too read the notes). We have a lot of items from college including a number of text books we've never opened. We did get rid of the doubles before moving down but kept almost everything else. Baby G has a collection of mom & dad's Leggos waiting to be used. We also have a good collection of somewhat 'useless' items like old ID cards. Michael is still holding onto his first diving license, I believe it was his only 'fake ID' since he lied about his age to get it early.

BTW, if anyone has some use for nick-nacks from the 100th Tour de France or 3M post-it notes let us know.


This morning I went to the dentist office to have my teeth cleaned. The hygienist who worked on me is due in June. She asked me a few questions about my pregnancy and humored me when she asked, "Have you been exercising?" I told her I have and she asked if I've been doing cardio, she said she works out every day.

I told her that I do triathlons and the next question was, "Are you doing Danskin?" It's funny to me how often I get that question but this time is seemed almost surprising since she is also pregnant. She must not ride a bike or have a doctor who set as many rules for her b/c she wasn't expecting me to tell her I wasn't doing any more racing this season.

The most notable comment was saying how tough exercise gets in the 3rd trimester. She said it's no problem at the beginning but starts to get a lot harder after the 2nd trimester b/c it's a lot less comfortable. I've heard this statement from a couple other people. I'll have to report back on that in a couple of months.