Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Lines

Yesterday afternoon Michael and I got to see Baby G in another ultrasound. This was exciting because we got to find out the gender of the little person in my belly.

If you look closely in the top picture you can see three small white lines. Although Michael was thrown off at first he now knows he is going to be out numbered by girls. No worries, Baby G will still have blue crib sheets with airplanes on them but her grandmother is going to make her a quilt with some girly colored airplanes mixed into the sky.

The news of the gender seem to come as the biggest surprise to my brother and mother who seemed convinced we were going to have a blue bundle. Maybe they didn't see the airplanes on it ;)

I was very excited to have an appointment yesterday. After having a strange pain in my stomach during my Sunday run I was a little concerned. Then I got sick yesterday, twice. That's the first time I've actually tossed my lunch so I was getting a bit more anxious to head over to the prenatal clinic and see Baby G moving around.

All the measurements from yesterday look good. Baby G is approximately 9 oz right now and seems to be developing well. In a few weeks I'm sure she'll be kicking me all the time, right now I can hardly feel her.