Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"What a cute little baby"

I had a Doctors appointment at 8am today. That gave Michael & I enough time to join some friends for a run from Pure Austin before heading to the appointment.

We had another ultrasound today. Baby G didn't seem quite as active as last time but was still moving around. The nurse said it might be taking a nap after it's run. I wouldn't be surprised, by this point I think Baby G is getting accustomed to the morning workouts. Actually, Baby G has already logged about 190hrs of workouts which may be why the placenta looks so huge right now. Studies have shown exercise during early pregnancy leads to an increase in placenta size. When Michael saw the ultrasound he commented, "Doesn't look like there's much space in there."

Among other humorous comments from the appointment was the comment from the nurse, "What a cute little baby." To this Michael replied, "Don't they all look the same in the ultrasound?" The nurse insisted they don't and ours was cute, made us laugh a bit. I'm just happy to see Baby G moving it's arms and legs around although I'd definitely prefer a cute baby over an ugly baby.

This evening we went for a swim at the Quarry. The water temp is about 65 right now, still wetsuit temperature for me. The wetsuit still fits but I'm not sure how long that will last. Even though I've only gained about 4lbs from my pre-preggo weight, it still felt a little tight around my belly. I think I'm soon going to be on the lookout for some old wetsuits that people won't mind letting me borrow... next step will be moving up to women's small. I'm hoping I don't get to the point of needing Michael's wetsuit, that would imply about 50lbs of weight gain, 2x the amount my doctor said I should gain by the end.

The other big news / rule of the appointment was the bike ride update. Doc said she doesn't want me riding a "real bike" on the road after this weekend. I've been cleared to head to Galveston and have fun but after that my trainer and I will become best friends. Assuming the weather is good this weekend, Baby G and I will plan to be out at Galveston doing something, just for fun. If there's a repeat of the 2007 monsoon (picture to left) I am most likely going to be dancing in the rain or not bothering to race at all.