Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My arms are going to fall off

When I woke up this morning I was still feeling exhausted. No worries, this wasn't the first time I've felt that way. I packed myself up and made my way to the UT pool.

I asked one of the other girls in my lane, who just had her 2nd son last year, if she felt tired before she started to show. She said the fatigue was her first sign. She joked, "Something is taking over your body." Very accurate description of how I feel. Today was surely an example of that.

By 1hr into the swim I hopped out of the pool to grab my emergency gel, I was bonking. By 1:20 into the swim my speed had petered to nothing and I was done. Our swim workouts never seem easy but this one really took it's toll and I could feel myself falling apart.

I think yesterday also played a part in this. My day started out with my Mon morning weight session. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, my stomach didn't hurt while I was lifting. It's amazing how much I appreciate something I never realized I had.

I've already begun to think about adjustments to my weights / core workouts. I'm pretty uncomfortable doing core work on my belly but I found back extensions to be okay when I lay across an exercise ball. I think the exercise ball might become a new best friend. I've read some mention of how it makes weights and core much easier as you progress through pregnancy.

Keep in mind, this reading has been a double edged sword. It seems that the more you read or find on the internet, the more conflicting advice you discover. So I tried to pull a couple of key thoughts away from my search yesterday: focus on form and make the necessary adjustments throughout pregnancy. Personally, I think I'm going to try to roll with it and see how I feel when deciding what I can and can not do.

As a side note, substitute teaching the J&A core class before I told anyone about my pregnancy was quite a challenge. I worked hard to cover my fatigue. A few weeks ago I was so starving and tired that I made a trip to Tom's market at 4:30 to buy some food. The others around me seemed concerned that I was eating so much I'd feel it during the workout. I was thinking to myself, "If I don't eat this now I don't think I'll make it too the workout."

Returning from my segue on core workouts... yesterday afternoon was a solid bike with intervals and a swim. A good quality couple hours that set me up to wake up a bit tired today.

When I got out of the pool today one of my friends asked what I'm craving. I replied, "A nap." So I'm going to take that opportunity and give myself 30min right now.