Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clearing the head

I've been very congested the past couple of days. So badly congested and fatigued that I spent most of yesterday in bed. My big activity for the day was a 30min walk around the block with Michael.

Aside from feeling as if my immune system is in a depleted state, I'm also concerned about Baby G, hoping my sickness doesn't have any adverse effects. For some reason this seems to be my concern quite often. Am I doing too much? Am I eating correctly? I'm assuming I'm not the only person who has felt this way during pregnancy.

Sleep last night didn't go so well. I was blowing my nose a lot and had a couple of coughing attacks. I was so stuffed up I had to breathe through the mouth most of the night. This led to a dry mouth and a lot of water consumption. At some point this morning I had a dream that I was trying to drink water and couldn't feel or taste it. I eventually woke myself up to discover I was very thirst at that point.

When Michael was ready to roll out this morning I was still in bed, feeling quite fatigued. He was joining a couple people to ride a damn loop and that didn't sound like a good idea to me (I am still debating when / where to ride outside). Instead, he said up the computer to Pandora so I could listen to U2 radio while riding on the trainer. This worked out quite well, I got in a nice ride and was able to blow my nose whenever I needed.

Quite an interesting adventure, I hope I'm making good choices.


P.S. You may notice a tan-line on my arm. That was a result of going out to lunch on St Patrick's day w/o sunblock on. 1.5hr in the sun w/o the SPF and I was toast, go figure.