Sunday, March 22, 2009


Last night Michael & I finally saw Slumdog Millionaire. Actually, he saw part of it on the airplane back from Taiwan but missed the majority of it because he was asleep. After weeks of failed attempts to plan the movie outing, we finally made it last night. It was well worth the wait, I really enjoyed the movie.

Many times it seems I am disappointed with a movie that receives a lot of good press. You go in expecting a great movie and leave thinking it wasn't worth all the hype. This was not the case last night, it was worth the compliments it has received. I good story which was played out in a way that kept your attention and peaked your interest. I also think the directors did a wonderful job casting the movie. Michael did some reading on it when he returned and learned of the Bali-wood and no-name actors they'd chosen for the parts, I think they made some good decisions along the way.

This leads to my next train of thought... I need to collect a list of movies to watch over the next 6 months. I'm planning to be doing a lot of trainer rides this summer and it's a good time to get in some quality movie watching. Unfortunately, unlike a friend down the road, I don't have a list of movies I want to see. I'm hoping I'll collect some ideas from others. Good movies, no horror flicks, no subtitles (can't read them on the bike), and nothing with kidnapped children because I consider those horror flicks.


Amino Butane said...

Some good Indian movies that you can enjoy without requiring English sub-titles are:

1) Gandhi
2) Kama Sutra
3) Monsoon Wedding
4) Bend it like Beckham

Sorry, if this is not helpful as you've already seen them.