Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Go Big Blue

Today, one of the Farmers at the market commented, "Wow, she has such beautiful blue eyes. I bet her dad is going to be on the lookout."

"Her dad has already told her she can't date until she's 30."

The farmer started to laugh, as if to say, 'Yeah right. Good luck.'

As you can see, her dad is already on the lookout. This picture was taken when we were meeting some friends for breakfast, in Miami. Michael was quite careful to keep Leah away from the 2 year old boy.

Two years older than her is no good. One year older earns opportunity to give her a kiss without any backlash from dad.

I haven't told him Jack gives her a kiss every time he sees her, I think 30 years older might be a huge problem.

I read something about these steel blue eyes she has. Apparently they may change on us up to 3 years of age. They may turn light blue, green, or light brown (poop color). We're hoping for less poop, more water.

Apparently she's going through the stage of keeping a watchful eye on mom. Or maybe she just thinks I'm much better looking than dad:


We decided it was time to start running with Baby G. We'd heard a lot of mixed comments about this. Some people start running the baby jogger a couple weeks after birth and others wait long past 6 months.

Our decision was based on our ignorant analysis of Leah's head stability and overall strength. When her head stopped moving from bumps at a walking speed we decided we could go faster.

"I have the Baby Jogger keys... Now why can't I make this thing turn on and go fast?!"

The other day I told my mom we'd started to run with her and she told me what she'd done when I was a child:

"I used to ride my bike with you on my back and Colin in the basket. Funny what you do when you're young."

I didn't even ask, I suspect there were no helmets involved in these adventures. Seems like I turned out okay so riding a bicycle with a kid on your back might be safe. I'd question the basket, that might explain a few things. ;)


Overheard conversations of the Garel household:

As Leah is crying Michael asks, "Is she H-U-N-G-R-Y?"

"I don't think she understands that yet," I reply.

[some time later] Michael comes into the room, "Seems like she's eating a lot. She must have been hungry."

Leah gives me a strange look as I reply, "I don't know. My internal flow monitor is broken."


A couple other videos from earlier this week: