Friday, January 15, 2010

Time for a playgroup?

Funny comment of the week:

Upon plotting Leah's current length on a growth chart Michael comments, "I think Leah might get tall."

I give him a strange look as he explains himself, "By tall I mean 5'4" or 5'6"."

Apparently, if you're not petite then you are tall ;)


This week Leah and I have enjoyed some fun adventures and have taken some pictures to tell everyone what we've learned. Unfortunately, my iPhone is feeling a bit under the weather after a run-in with Michael. He tried to update the software. My phone appears to have some human tendencies, it's scared of changes. Therefore, it has shut itself down temporarily and Michael needs to revive it back to life. Let's all cross our fingers for the MG iPhone.

We're closing in on 4 months since Leah was born (Sunday for those of you tracking it). Thus far most of our socializing has been introducing Leah to people. In a couple of months she'll begin to crawl and she'll begin to thrive on playmates her own age.

This is where my fears begin. Although I know a good number of people who have babies close to Leah's age, I'm starting to wonder if it's time to look into a playgroup...

When we were in Miami a friend of ours compared this search to a sorority rush. What could this baby rush involve?!

Are there weeks of parties where babies are encouraged to drink milk until they pass out?

Is there popular mom group for all the beautiful super moms? If you and your child are not socially excepted will you get stuck in that other mommy group that nobody wants to be part of?

Are there hazing rituals that involve strange activities with soiled diapers?

Is there special baby babble or matching outfits to indicate your inclusion in the baby sorority?