Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's Inside

My phone has come back to life so I'll be able to tell me stories from the week. It might take a few posts...

Leah and I made a trip to HEB for a food selection lesson.

As always, we visited the produce section first to check out all the wonderful colors and load the cart with some necessities.

Next on the agenda: A lesson about Peanut Butter

Per current recommendations, Leah probably won't taste her first peanut butter until she's about two years old. That does not mean she should be ignorant to this magical food.

A few years ago, a friend of ours got frustrated when I told her I didn't like her Jiff Peanut Butter because it does not taste like Peanuts to me. She was completely shocked when I insisted her Peanut Butter had sugar listed as it's 2nd ingredient. She grew almost offended when I implied my Laura Scudders Peanut Butter was better and has no sugar.

My accusations seemed so unrealistic that someone else made a bet with her on the topic. Upon reading the labels the accusations were confirmed; Sugar is the second ingredient listed on the Jiff jar and my PB only has Peanuts and Salt. My newly educated friend was sentenced to eating one jar of my peanut butter before buying another one of her own brand. Rumor is, she hasn't bought another jar of Jiff since.

As we walk over the Peanut Butter isle I am shocked by what I see before me. "Oh no, the Jiff marketing team has come up with a way to target the unknowing people of the world. They now have Natural Jiff."

We flipped the jar around to see what it said. No surprise here; sugar is the 2nd ingredient (my apologies for the blurry picture). In essence, this natural Jiff is merely a more expensive version of the sugar filled stuff down the isle.

Leah was not amused. She felt the need to spread her lesson to the small mass of blog readers...

She would like to advice you all to pay attention to what you're eating.

If you choose to fill yourself with junk be well informed. [note: the conversation on high fructose corn syrup is too long for this post]

For example: if you're going to eat a blooming onion at Outback (Michael, she's calling you out) be sure to inform everyone at the table that it's one of the 10 unhealthiest things you can order at a US restaurant.

Yes, that really did happen. There were 8 of us (+ Leah) at Outback last night. When someone ordered a couple blooming onions Michael began to tell everyone how unhealthy they are. He even went so far as to pull up the information on his iPhone. At this point the waitress seemed a bit surprised and the guy ordering them asked if that meant Michael won't eat it.

"No, I'll eat it, but she won't!" he stated while pointing to me.

That was the first time I'd ever seen / smelled one of the glorified blooming onions. I did not see it after we left dinner but I could certainly smell it oozing from Michael's skin this morning. I think that might be why Leah was screaming hysterically when Michael went to check on her at 1am.

A few pictures of Leah and I before the blooming onion incident.


OHF said...

The rumors are false. Sadly.