Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hunting for Colors

We've noticed Lil' G has quite an interest for colors and patterns. Our first clue was her curiosity for her flowered burp cloth. I'll probably write a future post on her various burp clothes, they're a little different from what most people use.

While we were in Miami, we thought it might be good to introduce Leah to some more colors. For example, Miami is green, Austin is burnt orange.

On Monday we had a family adventure to visit Fairchild Botanical Gardens.

Since I was there last (for a friend's wedding 8 yrs ago) they've added a lot of great sculptures to the grounds. The colors were vibrant and Leah really seemed to enjoy all the wonderful things to look at.

Gnarly sneeze

Don't drink the water, I think there's something weird in there

"Mom, I see some red things with white poka-dots in the water. They're interesting!"

What are those?

We're pretty sure the flowers by Yayoi Kusama were her favorite. They are the newest pieces added to Fairchild and when we first spotted them we were quite excited, knowing Leah would love them.

Here's my favorite depiction of her curiosity:

A couple more fun ones at the dancing flowers...

While Leah was hunting for color I was reaching for something else:

mmm... chocolate

For the benefit of Chuck I let LG watch a few minutes of the Redskin's game. I don't think she understands the rules yet but she does seem to know she's watching bright colors on a magical screen.

A few more glamor shots with dad and great-grandma Janette

That's all for now, hopefully you enjoyed the colors as much as Leah did