Sunday, January 10, 2010

Curried Lentils

Last week we watched The Girl Next Door. Earlier this week we watched The Hangover. On Friday morning Michael made a flight to Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. For any guys out there planning a trip to Vegas without your wife, I'd recommend different movies leading up to your trip.

Before leaving, Michael asked me if I was going to send him pictures of Leah while he was gone. Like any good mom with an iPhone, I took a bunch of pictures to document the weekend.

So here's a quick commentary of our adventures while dad was away. For the sake of the readers I will drastically paraphrase the weekend by removing all descriptions of pooping, sleeping, and eating.


Mom returns home from the pool, to find Leah asleep in her spot:

Off to Performance Wellness where we had our science lesson of the day:

Stop by Jack and Adams to visit some friends and get out a good cry:

Leah's response when I told her dad was not coming home tonight because he was at a nerd convention:


Early morning play time before taking a nap (aka mom gets to ride the trainer):

Trip to Whole Foods to scarf down an Acai bowl:

Only took Trish and I about 15 min to devour these things. Things in pictures are larger than they appear.

Over to Book People to get some colorful books and back home for more play time:


This isn't a lollipop?
I like my chair:

Just kidding, I hate my chair:

Mmmm.... a banana:

This isn't a real banana?

What's this toy?
Look, my doll has striped pants, just like me!

In the ladybug dress for Stephanie's baby shower:

Back home... Yippee, dad is back from Vegas :)

We gave Leah a bath tonight. Or, maybe I should say we gave her three baths tonight. Just after putting Leah into the water for her bath she decided to poop. The icky mess that contaminated the water looked quite a bit like the curried lentils I'd had for dinner. I'm pretty sure it takes more than 20 min of processing to get through me and through Leah but the color and texture were remarkably similar.

[oops, I guess I should revise my early statement about not mentioning poop]

Time to start over. Remove Leah, get another bath ready, put her back in. This time we made it through about half the bath before she decided to give us another gift. To add to the humor of it, we recently broke the nub on that bath tub and we're currently using vice grips to turn on and off the water. Each time we emptied Leah's little tub, we had to pull out the tools to get the next bath ready. Thankfully, we made it through the third try without any presents.


Steph said...

Too funny. I loved the documentary of your weekend. Thanks for sharing it with more than just Michael. Thanks also for bringing the entertainment to my baby shower. It was great to finally get to interact with Miss Leah in person!!