Sunday, January 27, 2008

No 3M for me

This is my 8th Jan in Austin... I know that b/c I ran 3M 7x in a row. My streak is officially over, I didn't toe the start line today.

I have no race report of my own although I'm going to go ahead and share Michael's b/c he's at HEB and can't stop me.

Michael's alarm went off at 5:20, that's about 10 minutes before we would've left the house if I'd been doing the race. After wasting some time on the computer and panicking b/c he couldn't find the body glide or his hat Michael was finally out the door just after 6am.

It's a darn good thing they gave everyone the chips in their race bag, I have no clue if he would've made it to the start line in time. After all, everyone in Austin (aside from me) was running that race and MoPac was surely a mess.

When I ventured downstairs I saw an Apple Cinnamon Carbboom on the counter and panicked. I called Joe and arranged to drop it as his house. He was going to see Michael at the half way point and I figured that would be when he needed it.

Apparently Michael had remembered his Carbboom and was a bit rude to Joe when he offered it too him. Actually, I think friendly Michael actually growled a bit and pointed his canines at Joe during their 2 miles together.

After seeing a good number of Texas Iron folks, who apparently all noticed Joe first, Michael left Joe. Personally, I can't believe Joe stuck with him that long. Michael was taking my place with unfriendly race remarks, "No talking."

As it turns out Michael PR'ed and Joe is still our friend, thank goodness :)


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