Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Movie Review

Michael and I have seen quite a few movies over the past few weeks. Off season and vacation seemed to be a great recipe to get caught up on some movies. Here's a quick review of the more notable aspects of viewing pleasure...

Charlie Wilson's War:

This was good, gave us some insight into aspects of history that seemed to happen around us while we were growing up.

Kite Runner:

I read the book while we were in FL and decided I wanted to see the movie. I had that strange experience of being somewhat disappointed that the movie is never quite as good as the book. As crazy as it might sound, I was looking for that feeling b/c I so rarely have the chance to read a book just before seeing the movie. While watching the movie I assumed Michael would be disappointed and ask why we'd gone to see it. Instead, he said it was pretty good and I was reminded that reading the book does give you a different perspective.

We rarely watch movies in the a theatre (usually on DVD) but somehow we saw two related to Afghanistan in less than a week.

Peaceful Warrior:

This was a gift from Julie. Zane had recommended this movie months ago and I was very excited to receive it. They were correct, it was a good movie. I liked it so much I went over to half price books and got a Dan Millman book to read. The big message so far; throw out the trash and don't try. Sounds funny but I think I might finally be hearing the message Michael has been telling me for a while.

Chariots of Fire:

This was on TV when we went to Colin's house the other night. We watched it until the end too see the scene on the beach. Then we waited 3 min to see the beginning of the movie (it was playing back to back). We learned that the scene at the beginning and end is the same and all of us know know exactly when the dog begins to chase after the runners.

***I'd recommend all of the above movies***


Michael's sister got this for us as a present. There was one night when I agreed I could deal with watching the movie. What's that saying, "When you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all."