Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Devil in a hoody

In upstate NY it is often cold on Halloween. Therefore, costumes need to be a little warmer. One year I found some red Reebok sneakers and instantly thought of my next costume, a devil. You can dress warm when you've got a hoody sweat shit on top of your layers.

This morning I was surrounded by many people dressed in this very same way. The morning temps in Austin were below freezing and the entry to Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon included a hoody sweatshirt and a knit hat. There were quite a few people sporting their new hoody sweatshirts.

I didn't see any devils but I carried one on my shoulder for a mile. That stupid devil made my legs and foot hurt and even caused me to fall. Today I gave into that devil. Instead of running through the pain I stopped and cheered for others instead.

I'm sure I could have physically pushed through the pain as I had 6 weeks earlier but this wasn't the day for that. I have to admit, I am feeling the frustration and disappointment of not finishing what I started. On the other hand, a duathlon in January means nothing if it's your last race of the season. Who knows, maybe it wasn't a devil on my shoulder...

Injury recovery if difficult, physically and mentally. You need to balance recovery and buildup with knowledge from those who have been injured before.