Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gareling - 18

Gareling - vb - to transverse the office area in search of sweet food to eat

Over the past years Michael and I have learned a lot about our similarities. One of our notable traits is our inability to reject sweets. For Michael, anything with sugar will do the trick. I prefer dark chocolate (see picture of bark in earlier post). I'm constantly stumped by the people who seem to have the ability to resist those crutches. We have a friend Wes who puts 3 M&M's on his desk to eat in a day. That's all he eats and he's satisfied. I'd interpret that as a cruel joke, 3 bags would be more up my alley.

Another of our Garel traits is our crazy exercise schedule. Today was Michael's 18th day in a row of running. Yes, it's now an official running streak. As he begins to embark on his fall marathon training he's listening to Brandon's advice and is now running every day. He tells me his legs feel tired but he is running strong! We PR'ed our deck loop today; again. Michael might feel worn out and 26.2 at his goal pace might seem crazy hard (see picture above) but, he's making a good attempt. I wonder if he gained strength when he came home and endulged in his post exercise snack - he opened up the refrigerator and skirted whipped cream into his mouth.

Now... let's see if he can hold this up for the next week. That will be an extra challenge b/c he's leaving at 6am to head to Osk Kosh, WI for a week. The yearly EAA fly-in starts up tomorrow night and Michael is going to spend the week hanging out with all his "people." Imagine it, miles and miles of experimental aircraft to look at, Life is good ;)

In other news, our friend Mark Edwards became a grandfather on July 18th. Coincidentally Colin turned 28 that day and demolished his sister and her husband in a round of bowling.