Sunday, July 8, 2007

3 bottles and a rope

In 6 weeks I'll be heading over to England to accompany Lynne for her English channel swim. I have been given the honor / responsibility of managing her nutrition during the swim. Although I was well aware of the importance of this job long ago it seemed to hit me a week ago when I got to see the rope and bottles (pictured above).
Like all of us, Lynne is heading to her event well educated and well trained. With this comes a nutrition plan for the swim. Basically, each of the three bottles above is tied to a yellow nylon rope which I will toss out to Lynne every 30minutes. The rope will be attached to me via a carabener. My signal for feeding time is likely to be waving of a TX flag. Once acknowledged I will toss the bottles to Lynne and she'll take what she needs. Each bottle is a different color and will contain different nutrition. A duct tape label on the side of each bottle indicates the mixture recipe which I will add to each bottle.
Last Sunday Lynne and I went to the Quarry to practice tossing the bottles to her. This is when the importance of my job hit home. This is a big job and I am so excited to be part of her crew for this adventure. Watching your friends as they make such a huge endevour is quite amazing, especially when they envite you to take part.
Tonight while Michael was talking to his mom on the phone, he was telling her about my trip to England. She asked him if there was a try out to get my job. This made me chuckle a bit as I envisioned the try-outs for crewing an English channel swim. Can you imagine a bunch of people down at the quarry, tossing these bottles out into the water to see who the best thrower is. Maybe we'd have a mixing competition to see who was best suited for making the nutrition bottles and keeping track of time.


clea said...

wow!! that is awesome. I saw your friend's english channel blog on yours, and she sounds amazing. I cannot wait to hear about the adventure.