Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blogging from I-10

"It must be nice to be a Garel" -- or maybe Jackson meant to say "It must be nice to be a Geek" I am blogging as we are driving down I-10, heading over to Panama City Beach to watch our Austin friends in another race.

I just spoke to Keith. He and Jackson have about 10 min left to check in for the race on Sat. They hadn't found the host hotel yet. If that were me, I'd be spazzing out. When we were at CDA I was getting my race gear ready and realized my special needs bags weren't included. That was 1hr before registration closed and I was going nuts. I only needed to find a couple of plastic bags but it still got me worked up. I guess Ahmed wasn't joking when he said Jeff is much less worried about this Ironman.

For some reason those guys didn't seem shocked that I was looking up the hotel address while I was driving. I told Keith the computer connection is slow on I-10 and he didn't even respond. Maybe they're still tired from their drive down... it took them 15hrs. I'm hoping we make it a bit quicker.

Note: Just passed a Waffle House. My goal for the trip is to keep a tally of the mecca for Southern truck drivers. I think there are at least 5 of them in Panama City Beach.

WF_Count = 1

wait... no... WF_Count = 4 (just talked to Diana and passed 3 more in about 5 minutes)


meredith said...

Have a safe trip!