Tuesday, August 28, 2007


If you ask Michael what an Eclipse is he'll most likely tell you it's a really cool jet that he'd like to own someday.

This morning I got to see a different type of eclipse. When Meredith arrived at the pool she told us there was a lunar eclipse taking place. We looked around for a few seconds and spotted the burnt orange moon above the far corner of the pool. Throughout practice I periodically checked on it's progress. At 6:15 it was still burnt orange but by 6:30 the clouds had rolled in and we missed the opportunity to see the finale of the eclipse.

Although I was tired when that alarm went off at 4:38 I was happy I'd made my way over to the pool today. I've hardly swam during the past month so everything felt tough today but I definitely enjoyed myself. Aside from the eclipse I also got to split the lane with Karen, Mark, and Clarence. It's always fun to exercise with friends I haven't seen in a while.

Note: in the above picture you may see some strange white stuff along the airplanes. I haven't seen that stuff in years and with the warm temperatures right now I really miss it.