Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My turn to blog

6 weeks away from IM CDA... time for me to start a blog.
I've been thinking about setting one up for a while and finally decided to jump on the band wagon and post my own blog.
The picture at the left was taken just before the finish line at the Great Floridian last fall. That was my 5th Ironman, I am 6 weeks away from my 6th and starting to get pumped.
CDA 2004 was my first Ironman and I'm looking forward to going back. This trip will be a lot different, your perspective for your first Ironman is different. The concept of Ironman seems crazy when you first hear about it, it's seems crazy and scary when you're getting ready to do it for the first time, and just scary every time after that.
My focus for the next few weeks will be to get enough sleep and push hard at practice. I'd say I'm also focused on cutting back on chocolate but that would be a bad thing to write b/c I'm just too weak to accomplish that type of goal.
Okay... time to get ready to push hard... tues night TX Iron run is in 1hr... I'm secretly hoping for Wilke repeats ;)